The Geodynamics and Crustal Studies group at the University of Maine applies interdisciplinary research to better understand Earth's thermal, mechanical and geological evolution. We integrate numerical and analog modeling of dynamic processes with field- and laboratory-based geological studies in regions undergoing active deformation from various parts of the world. We also examine the structure, kinematics and petrology of ancient mountain belts from the perspective gained by our work in active orogens. The information from exposed ancient belts about strain distribution, fabric evolution, metamorphic reaction and melting feeds back into our studies of modern orogens. The links above and below will take you to our primary facilities and laboratories, where you can find descriptions of current research projects. More details about research projects can also be found by going to Faculty or Student web sites through the People link above.

Broad Research Themes

Tectonics with Emphasis on Subduction Environments and Indentor Corners
Earth-Atmosphere Coupling
Thermal and Mechanical Evolution of Magmatic Systems Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology
Microstructure Processes and Modeling Coupling of Deformation and Metamorphism
Rheological Evolution (micro scale)

Rheological Evolution (macro scale)

The Brittle-Ductile Transition