National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA)

Tsunami Fury

National Science Foundation

University of Southern California (USC)

Virtual Vacationland


Tsunami History

National Geographic News

Walder, Joseph., Tsunamis generated by subaerial mass flows
Journal of Geophysical Research 2003;  vol. 108 Issue b5 pg 2236

Henrik Kofoed-Hansen, Enrique Cifres, Giménez and Poul Kronborg (Modeling of landslide-generated waves in MIKE 21) Online Publication

Lituya Bay Photography

Mathworld Headline News (2005) Eric W. Weisstein and Michael Trott
The Mathematic of Tsunamis

Steven Ward at The University of California at Santa Cruz

For indepth look into slope failure and possible mega-tsunami hazards from the massive lateral collapse of particular islands see Dr.
George Pararas-Carayannis page at which is an online publication of the article in Science of Tsuanmi Hazards (2002) Vol 20, no. 5, pages 251-277

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