Microstructures and microstructural processes profoundly influence the rheological evolution of Earth's lithosphere. Our research group seeks to better understand microscale physical and chemical processes, and the interrelations between microstructural and mechanical evolution, by combining: (1) deformation experiments on rock analogs, (2) numerical modeling of grain-scale structural and metamorphic processes, and (3) observations of natural microstructures using modern optical and analytical methods. An important goal is to address questions of relevance to larger-scale problems in geodynamics, such as the relationship between microstructure evolution and strain localization, bridging the microscopic and macroscopic scales. The education component of the lab focuses on bringing both an intuitive and quantitative understanding of the microscale processes associated with Earth deformation to a wide audience, from high school students and teachers, to college students and professors. Please visit the Projects link for examples of our research and outreach efforts.