George H. Denton

Ph.D. Yale University, 1965

Professor of Geological Sciences and Quaternary Studies Telephone: (207)581-2193 Fax: (207)581-1203

My primary interest is the geological history of large ice sheets and smaller mountain glaciers. A particular concern is the role of these ice sheets in Quaternary and late-Tertiary ice ages. Another interest is abrupt ocean-atmosphere reorganizations in glacial cycles.

One current project deals with the Quaternary and late Tertiary history of the Antarctic Ice Sheet. Studies of late Quaternary glacial deposits elucidate the role of the Antarctic Ice Sheet during the last few ice ages. Studies of late Tertiary deposits bear on fundamental climatic changes that preceded Quaternary ice ages. Recent projects involved reconstruction of Northern Hemisphere ice sheets during the last ice age. Another project deals with the alpine glacier history of the Chilean Andes.


Selected Publications


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